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Welcome to a New World


I am temporarily offering virtual services to satisfy our mutual desires. Socializing is integral to our species, just ask Maslow. 

Allow yourself to indulge...


These are frightening times, to be sure. Neccessary restrictions, social distancing, and general isolation can make us feel all alone.


It's taken a while for me to come around to the idea of providing a virtual world. I used to be a cam girl, which is how I got my start in this industry, but it never felt "right". With a little reluctance at first, I pondered, "How do I translate the energy exchange between two people into a computer screen?"


I've thought about it the last several weeks while reaching out to friends, having daily video chats, and hosting movie nights. My fondness for wanting things I can't have is causing an unfathomable spike in libido, so I've come to the conclusion that I must adapt.

Just because we must connect virtually for now doesn't mean that we can't still access pleasures that help us escape our New York apartments. Let me take you somewhere new, somewhere we can laugh together, exchange fantasies, and engage in connection during such a disconnected period of our lives. 

Virtual Offerings


Tantalizing Texts

A new look at penpals, exchanging letters like lovers past.

1 email per week ~ $100

3 emails per week ~$200

5 emails per week ~$300

Virtual Dates

Curl up in my apartment with me via video, or imagine me upside down on my couch with the proverbial cord wrapped around my fingers via phone

Candids, daily musings, a more casual look at connection and checking in on each other

Daily Flirting for a week ~ $700


Custom Videos just for your viewing pleasure that you can keep. 

Phone Call

30 mins ~ 1 for $250 | 3 for $450 | 5 for $700


60 mins ~ 1 for $300 | 3 for $700 | 5 for $1000

Video Call

30 mins ~ 1 for $400 | 3 for $1000 | 5 for $1300

60 Mins ~ 1 for $550 | 3 for $1350 | 5 for $1700

Base $200 for 5 mins | $25 for each additional minute

BookVirtual Offerings

Please send me an email, or use my traditional booking form, and detail which service you would like. I require a 50% deposit to book a date, payment in full the day of the service. If you cancel within 48hrs of the date, I require a 100% cancellation fee. If you do not pay the fee, you will not be able to book with me again until you do.  

I expect that our exchanges are just between us; you may not share or record our sessions. 

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